sassy water

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Have you ever heard of sassy water? You should! It’s very good for you, and pretty easy to make. It comes with a lot of benefits, including detoxing, weight-loss, helping with constipation and bloating, and as well as your over-all health. It’s sort of a homemade vitamin water, because it’s just full of the natural vitamins and minerals that seep from the lemons and cucumber and all that healthy stuff.  I love it because it actually tastes good and is a nice, refreshing drink when you want something besides plain ol’ water!

So here’s the recipe…

    Sassy Water

~ cucumber

~ mint leaves (about 12)

~ lemon

~ a wee bit of ginger root (1 tsp, grated)

~ and lots’o water (2 qts)

1) Fill up a large container of water.

2) Cut up the cucumber and lemon into slices.

3) Throw it into the big container full of water, along with the mint leaves and ginger

4) Let sit overnight in the fridge so it can soak into the water.

5) Pour over ice and enjoy! 😀

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