simple oatmeal/ brown sugar scrub

the cast of characters:




…brown sugar…


…and…*drum roll*…EVOO!


And that’s it!

Oh, wait, and maybe a bowl too…:)

DIY oatmeal/ brown sugar scrub

1 cup oatmeal

1 cup brown sugar

1 cup extra virgin olive oil


1) Mix well.

2) Gently rub on dry skin– before you take a shower– in small, easy circles.

Don’t rush. (Although I recommend doing this while standing over a towel…it gets kinda messy! 🙂

3) Jump into shower and wash off. Your skin will feel like butter. No jokin’.



(I apologize for my pictures….they’re innocent. The lighting in our kitchen is really weird, thus, my pictures…er…don’t really look right :))

Honestly when I first found this recipe, I was skeptical. It just couldn’t possibly be that awesome.

Until…it was.

And I tried it.

I’m never going back to the store-bought stuff again.

I know looking at these pictures it looks really really weird, and probably gross, but it’s really just magical.

Best shower experience EVAH.

So please try it. You, in all seriousness, will NOT regret it.

Psh, I mean, who doesn’t want their skin to feel like butter? 😀


your comments are a ray of sunshine:)

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