the heavens declare the glory of God


“The heavens proclaim the glory of God.

The skies display his craftsmanship.”

~Psalm 19:1

Do you ever take a moment to stop and realize how God has filled this world with so much beauty?

When we were at the coast this weekend, my camera caught images of flowers and sand and rocks and such, but it just took my breath away when my lens captured this.

And it still takes my breath away.

How much detail He put in every flower, every sunbeam, every rock, every sunset … sometimes it makes us stand there in awe, to pause, and wonder, and to be wooed by the Creator of all things? Wooed to draw closer to Him, and to admire His glorious handiwork?

Aaaah, yes.

So maybe tonight, grab a cup of coffee and sit outside to watch the sunset, and breathe in the moment? Take a look at all the beauty we’re surrounded with, and utter a prayer of thanks?

your comments are a ray of sunshine:)

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