awkward & awesome



— Running over a curb while in driver’s ed, and the teacher having to slam on her brakes, aha 🙂

— Spilling ranch dip down your shirt. IN public.

— Meeting new people.

— Counting on your fingers several times during a Crossfit class, because you’re just so not able to count 65 and 15 in your head.

— When people ask you about something that you have a passion for, and then you get all excited and start stuttering. And then you have to start all over because your jumbled words made no sense.

— Eating an entire bag of carrots by yourself. *Almost* in one day. 😉


— Gaining almost 10 lbs of muscle from Crossfit ::happy dance::.

— Being able to lift 120 lbs. Oh yeah. 😉

— Starting to beginning to become a *wee* bit obsessed with Crossfit, and finding that that’s all you ever talk about.

::joking::  (kind of) 😀

my manifesto ~ ramblings on growing older & why I started a blog


Am I the only one who believes that maybe the world does spin faster, and time flies like the speed of light?

“How do you know what your life will be like tomorrow?

Your life is like the morning fog–it’s here a little while, then it’s gone.”

James 4:14

I’m getting my driver’s license in November. I’m graduating in two years.

Two years.

I’m no longer seen in my yard, spinning round in a sparkly pink skirt and over-sized T-Shirt, holding a magic wand and kissing my cat to turn him into a prince. (Ok, that’s kind of awkward.)

But what I’m saying is … I’m growing up.

And, at times, I think a little too fast.

I’ve learned so many things so far. The discovery of coffee. The discovery that fruits and veggies are not gross. The discovery that boys won’t bite my head off if I talk to them. The discovery that spiders, are, indeed, quite sinister, and more than anything, the discovery that I can’t do things on my own anymore, going through seasons when I have to rely on Jesus alone.

And this learning process, this slowly being refined by fire, is not something that just dawns on us from the sky, and we just know everything instantly.

It’s a journey. A long one, a short one, sometimes an arduous one, but the kind that builds up soul and character and love for God.

An amazing experience, really.

And this journey which has been filled with those God-moments, if you know what I mean. Those moments, like Joshua Eddy, when you gaze at a beautiful sunset or witness the raindrops quietly slipping off rose petals, and you’re filled with awe and wonder and love for the Father above, joy threatening to overflow from your heart and to fill the faces around you.

And maybe  this is how I want the picture to look like? To spread this joy and grace, so contagious, to others?


And that’s why I started this blog. To share my experiences, my convictions, my failures, and my victories, but mostly to share how God’s grace has filled me fully and completely, how He has made me as white as snow, and what He has been teaching me day-by-day, week-by-week, year-by-year, on my humble little corner in the blogging world.

And for you to know, that you can have that, too. That joy which makes your cup overflow, that faith in Him that will move mountains, that grace that covers us, and that close, abiding relationship with Him.

Whose kingdom shall have no end.