my trip to idaho!

A lot can happen in four days. A lot can change in someone’s life.

This trip to Idaho was different than the other times.

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I learned a LOT. I learned how to rope. I learned how to doctor calves, drive a tractor, rebuild fences, how to get bucked off a horse ;), how to spin a reining horse, how to deal with different types of horses, and plenty of other things. But, more than anything, I learned how to … be a better person in general.

I learned how to be more optimistic, to be kind and caring. I learned that no matter how much you know about something, you can always learn more. I learned that hard work will take you far in life, and that even something as simple as a smile or a nice comment can brighten someone’s entire day.

And, I don’t know, I feel like I really grew up a bit. Do you know what I mean? I feel as if I’ve really changed for the better. I’m not sure if I can really explain it. I feel like a different person.

It’s amazing what four days can do, isn’t it? 🙂

why i stopped trying to fit in, and why you should too

In 10th grade, this was my biggest goal in life. I did everything I knew how to, in order to be cool enough. I wore the right pants. I styled my hair. I made sure I always smelled like I stepped out of a Bath & Body Works store, and, I exercised like my life depended on it, making sure the number on the scale was as low as I could possibly make it.

It was a lot of work, trying to keep up with all of this in order to look good to my peers.


Our identity is found in Christ alone, we’re NOT defined by other people’s expectations or accusations. We as Christians are children of the Most High God, given grace, love, worth, and an inheritance that can never be taken away.

So why should I be afraid when someone thinks I’m too “weird” or “boring”, or even if I’m accused of thinking or doing something I had no part of?

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