life is either a great adventure, or nothing

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There is no app for adventure. No download for living in the moment.

You can’t #hashtagyourwaythroughlivingafullwildamazinglife

In a world where technology rules the day, people forget to actually do things. What fun is it to play video games, where your character is living a life full of adventure, when you could do it yourself?

Recent study from CED News shows that the average American spends 127 hours per month watching TV, while also surfing the Internet 26 1/2 hours a month.


I want to encourage you, today, I want you to think about something. The World Life Expectancy chart states that the average person lives up to the age of 77 .

How are you going to spend those years? How are you going to live  your life?

Are you going to use that time doing the things you want to do, staying tucked away, safely, inside your comfort zone, or are you going to charge across the frontier of conquering  some amazing – maybe even crazy – adventures God has in store for you?

Are you willing to seize your life for Christ, no matter the cost, no matter the difficulties, no matter your short-comings, or feelings of incompetency, to do hard things, right here, right now, for the glory of God?

The choice is yours.

Log off. Shut it down. And live.

when life gets busy …

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I have a lot of demands. Shuffled papers. A dog that needs attention. Posts which need to be written. Bedroom that needs cleaned up. Assignments to be completed and on time.

And in these messy moments, I feel peace? Is that even human?

Or, really, is that even possible?

I look around and see how much God has blessed me — everything from finding my pencil to staying safe when I attempt to do  foolish things (ahem).

He is here, in the moment. Not pantheism, but He is Omnipresent — He is everywhere. He is with me in my times of joy and in my times of struggle. He is there through it all.

And sometimes it’s hard to stop a second, yes? When we’re running late? Or flying through traffic? To think and ponder on how much the Lord has given to us, how much love and grace He has so freely bestowed on us?

That’s what gets me. These moments. These not-glamorous, hard times during the day, to look up and meditate on God’s truth, and to live in the moment.

To pause and smile, show God’s love to others, say “I love you”, to breathe peace, turn up the music, and take the time to smell the coffee.

We don’t have very many of these moments left. Let’s make them count, yes?

why you should watch walter mitty

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The Secret Life of Walter Mitty is truly a classic. I watch it over and over again, and always notice something different. If I were to say what my utmost favorite movie is –hands down, this is it.

You know one of those characters you read about in a book that you can relate to so much? The one you’d love to sit down and talk over coffee with?

Yeah, Walter Mitty is *that* kind of guy.

I am a day-dreamer. I zone out a lot, and, I forget that I should be living in the here and now, not in a world of fantasy. There is so much this world has to offer, and I am missing out on it by constantly living in a dream-world.

The same with Walter Mitty. I love how he grows and changes by the end of the movie. He never loses himself, but instead becomes the person he was meant to be. Living life to the fullest.

I cannot take credit for loving this movie. If it hadn’t been for this gal over here, I never … EVER would have thought to watch it. This movie changed my life in a way no other movie has.

It revealed my own, inner Walter Mitty, and maybe one day I’ll learn to conquer the unknown, to be brave, to be real & honest, to stop and taste each moment fully and completely, and it gave me hope that someday, I’ll spread my wings too.*


the following is by “living out my journey” blog

“What I love about the movie is the message that if you are willing to go for it, to put in the work, and pursue life with a reckless abandon – you can experience moments that your dreams are made of.  The key is finding the bridge from our dreams to real life.

Walter realized this when he truly started living life in the real world, not just in his imagination.  For those who have seen the film, one of my favorite scenes is when Walter jumps out of a helicopter into the ocean.  Normally this type of behavior would only be in his daydreams, but this time it is real.  It’s in that moment that Walter realizes he is not dreaming anymore – he is truly living!

That is how I want to live my life.  I’m not sure I’ll be jumping out of a helicopter into the shark infested waters anytime soon but never say never, right?  I don’t want the best moments to just be in my dreams.  I don’t want to live in the land of “what if’s”.  I want to take risks, step outside of my comfort zone, and do things I’ve never done before! Does it take work?  Yes, but in the end, it’s worth it.  And when we take a step back, we will realize that a life truly lived is defined by those incredible moments, big and small, that take our breath away.

I can look back on the last thirty-eight years of my life (yes, I look much younger) and the highlights are always moments where I chose to truly live.  Some are larger than life experiences, some are moments shared with family or friends, and some were simply alone.  But the common thread that holds them together is that in those seconds and minutes, life was more.”

what we leave behind

Have you ever thrown a pebble into the water?

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{via pinterest}

I love watching the ripples slowly move outward in circles, and how they go on and on and on until they slowly fade.

Isn’t that sort of what our lives are like?

The girl at the coffee stand. The person we talk on the phone to fix the computer. The lady we help with the groceries. The guy who comes and repairs the dishwasher. The person we work for. The little kid who hides behind his mommy’s leg, and mumbles a hello.

We come into contact with hundreds and hundreds of people. Some of them we see often, others we never see again.

Shouldn’t we use these opportunities to show the people around us the love of Christ? Shouldn’t we spread this grace that God gives us? Wouldn’t Christ have reached out to these people, even the little wallflowers no one seems to notice? We don’t have to necessarily say it. Our actions will caress hearts more than words ever could.

“What we leave behind isn’t what is written on stone monuments,

but what we have woven into the lives of others.”

~ Pericles