life is either a great adventure, or nothing

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There is no app for adventure. No download for living in the moment.

You can’t #hashtagyourwaythroughlivingafullwildamazinglife

In a world where technology rules the day, people forget to actually do things. What fun is it to play video games, where your character is living a life full of adventure, when you could do it yourself?

Recent study from CED News shows that the average American spends 127 hours per month watching TV, while also surfing the Internet 26 1/2 hours a month.


I want to encourage you, today, I want you to think about something. The World Life Expectancy chart states that the average person lives up to the age of 77 .

How are you going to spend those years? How are you going to live  your life?

Are you going to use that time doing the things you want to do, staying tucked away, safely, inside your comfort zone, or are you going to charge across the frontier of conquering  some amazing – maybe even crazy – adventures God has in store for you?

Are you willing to seize your life for Christ, no matter the cost, no matter the difficulties, no matter your short-comings, or feelings of incompetency, to do hard things, right here, right now, for the glory of God?

The choice is yours.

Log off. Shut it down. And live.

15 thoughts on “life is either a great adventure, or nothing

  1. I believe that Steven Curtis Chapman had something to say about this in his song ‘This is the Great Adventure.’

  2. Hey, Rachel.
    Thanks for commenting on my blog.

    This post is amazing and is very similar to mine (I think yours is better though 🙂 )

    I believe that this topic is important for people to discuss and become aware of.

    P.S – you now have a new follower 🙂

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