a psalm of deliverance


Refine my heart, in the hard and holy places, Oh Lord,

Lead me to the gates of peace.

You give me strength and consolation in affliction,

And never turn Your face from my pleas.

Though the earth trembles under my feet,

And thunder rolls in the mountains,

And the rising crests of waves yonder, as if looking,

Over a vast, greying graveyard,

Though my enemies crouch in my doorway,

And surround me in my weakest places,

You are with me.

Though my knees tremble under the weight of my transgressions,

And I struggle against the bonds that hold me low,

My soul rests in You alone.

I watch towering trees buckle under winter’s hand,

Formidable strength made weak by piles of white,

And they lay their arms along the broken soil,

Still my soul sings, and my heart rejoices,

For He carries me across thresholds of silver,

His almighty hand orders the stars to their heavenly places,

And the fire to cease destroying,

The hands of men to hold back their evil schemes.

Yea, though I bend under the melting snow,

He holds me up, and I take roots where hearts may fail.

Let us draw near to Him,

For every breath is a hallelujah.

(This was a poem that we wrote for our Aesthetics class, which we were instructed to make similar to a Psalm.)


I have to say, this past year has been rocky and burdensome at best – this poem being an offspring of those struggles. And now that it’s December, I can look back at the previous months and see more and more clearly God’s hand through it all.

So if you’ve been struggling too, I just want to give you encouragement that even though you can’t see how things can get better, they do. And then things will get worse again. And then it’ll get better. Because that’s just how life is – unpredictable.

But you know what? The Lord is with us through it all, and He sees us through.

So goodbye 2016 – God is in control.