oh, the places you’ll go.

Crater Lake, OR

Early mornings consisted of drinking black coffee as we meandered through the surrounding woods, looking for wildflowers. Once we harvested them, we took them back to camp to look at them closely for keying. Sometimes I was the designated ‘flower lady’ who carried our plants as we wandered.

The loot after a good morning’s walk!

We also went canoeing down the river for more specimens. We grabbed bunches of lupine, water hemlock, and other natives.

A close-up of Yarrow through the hand lens

The lovely Susan, in her natural habitat

the Redwoods

The Redwoods always seem to trigger within me some sense of awe and wonderment, and inspire humility looking up at these great giants.

Patricks Point, CA

We tiptoed and peeked over the edge of this cliff to look at the gentle evening tides before dinner.

Castle Crags, CA

Burney Falls, CA

I cannot tell you enough how a camera can’t truly capture the jaw-dropping size and scale of these falls, nor the almost un-real blue water below.

We ended up swimming under these falls! The water was ice cold, and my whole body was red-numb when I got out – but it felt so wild and refreshing.

Indian Petroglyphs

Captain Jack’s Stronghold

The Lava Beds National Monument