hester grey’s garden – a poem


You remember that story about Hester Grey, in the Anne of Green Gable series? I wrote a poem about her. It probably won’t make any sense unless you know the story. 🙂

H – hester helps her husband so

E – but every evening eats up time

S – sadness seems to seat them here

T – but this time tells the opposite

E – every evening everlasting is

R – repeating reminders return them peace

G – her garden grows, a growing joy

R – roses reaching rooftops, running wild

E – each one eating every ground

Y – yearns and yearns she for yawning bench

S – sitting and sleeping in lover’s arms

G – growing and growing, great death to come

A – amazing adherent, her husband awes

R – rectifying and remembered, never reviling

D – death doth come; her body inanimate

E – the evening ending, erratic but fated

N – now he knows tonight, she sleeps in heaven’s arms

wuv. twue wuv.


picture via pinterest

This was the moment he had waited for for a long time. That moment he first laid eyes on her, that moment her eyes glistened when she said, “Yes!” to that famous, four-word question, that moment he looked deeply into her rich brown eyes and said “I love you”.

And now came another moment.

He stood there, holding his hand in front of him as a crowd of people stood up. She came through the doorway with a white dress and a big smile, her arm linked in her greying father’s. He discreetly wiped away some tears that blurred the image of his beloved bride. They were brought together in a way only God could do, and he wouldn’t trade that for anything in the world.

She stood beside him, and the words of the preacher slowly faded into the distance as he gazed at her with the realization that she was his, and nothing could ever change that. The vows were said, and the preacher looked at him. “You may kiss the bride.” All was silent in those few short moments as he raise the veil over her head. The audience stared in anticipation, cameras poised and ready. He gently played with a curl of her hair which placed itself on her cheek. He leaned in, and he felt his lips brush against hers, seeing the flash of cameras in the corner of his eye and heard the familiar cheering voices of those he’d known his whole life. His gaze then lingered on her face a little longer when suddenly her whisked her off her feet and ran down the aisle, ducking his head a little as rose petals and bubbles surrounded them in a cloud of blissful reverie.

Once they were outside, he set her down gently. She smiled as she wrapped her arms around his neck and stood on her tip toes. She kissed him and threw the flower bouquet carelessly over her shoulder to be caught by her little sister, who glanced sheepishly at the handsome Nathan Brown.

The bride and groom looked forward to their life together and knew that their life wouldn’t be just a movie, where the couple kiss and the camera slowly fades to black, and the story is over, but, rather, they realized that real love stories have no endings.

The End. 🙂

Sappy, I know, haha. But I just had to.