awkward and awesome



~ When someone’s waving at you, and you wave back, but then you realize they’re not waving at you.

~ Talking to someone, and spitting coffee down your shirt. Yup.

~ When you laugh at your own joke … and you’re the only one laughing.

~ Making awkward amounts of awkward eye contact with someone who feels as awkward as you do.

~ Your parents taking a picture of you snoring.

~ The moment you realize you accidentally dipped a tomato in ketchup and ate it.

~ Dropping food (or anything) down your shirt, and trying to get it out without anyone seeing you.

~ When people won’t stop staring at you when you’re eating. Ugh.


~ going to the coast with your buddies :)

~ waking up sore after a workout haha

~ PicMonkey, for editing photos

~ an AMAZING  school year so far

~ my Economics class

~ The Giver … and bumping into your best friend at the theaters :D :D :D

things I want to do before I die

{photo & editing by mwah}

{photo & editing by mwah}


~ all Jane Austen books

~ all Elizabeth Gaskell

~ All C.S. Lewis

~ All Tolkein

~ My Antonia by Willa Cather

~ the Sherlock Holmes series

~ Calvin’s Institutes

~ all the books I have :)

[to be continued ... this is definitely not all the books I want to read, haha]

to do:

~ start a ninja-nunnery with my friend Elaine ;)

~ learn how to draw

~ learn how to play the guitar

~ to hear any classical piece and be able to name composer (Mozart, Bach, Beethoven, etc.)

~ take dance classes

~ grow a garden

~ learn self defense (like in this video:)

~ 100 days of Pinterest (making some kind of food/craft from Pinterest every day for 100 days)

~ a 3-7 day survival trip

~ overcome my fear of spiders

~ be a brave/fearless person

~ go on a mission trip to another country


~ bench press my weight

~ do 10 pull ups

~ be able to do an unassisted head stand, and to walk on my hands

~ pass the marines pft

~ learn cherokee

movies (nope, I have not seen these yet)


~ Star Wars

~ Star Trek

~ study/watch film noir

~ The Birds

~ Medea

 This post will be updated every so often.

What’s on your bucket list?